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Are You Closet Rich?

After discovering an amazing online gem, Closet Rich (that officially launched on Monday!), I just had to reach out to the mastermind behind it all- Elizabeth Kott. We had a great chat and I’m happy to share with you all the story behind this cool new shop and why I instantly fell in love with Closet Rich.

About Elizabeth.

LA based, Michigan born and bred, Elizabeth studied advanced communications in Rome and Mass Media in London through Michigan State University. 

The story behind Closet Rich.

While moving her grandmother, Elizabeth realized how much her grandmother’s stuff owned her. Also being surrounded by friends in fashion, it’s common that girls buy things wear them once and never again. (I know I can relate to that!)

Closet Rich is for the girl who invests her money in her closet, who has built up quite a collection of things that she’d like to make money off of. Closet Rich provides an outlet for these girls to sell the hidden treasures in their closets to others who can identify. The best part? If certain items aren’t chosen for the site, they’ll be donated to Dress for Success!

The Rachel Zoe Factor.

Elizabeth was the brains behind launching and managing Rachel Zoe’s online presence. Helping build RachelZoe.com, The Zoe Report, and her social media from the ground up gave her the start-up experience and skills necessary for running her own venture. 

Kristin Reiter, right hand woman.

You may or may not know Kristin Reiter of Bleach Black blogging fame, but she’s been a tremendous help in the launch of Closet Rich. You can see her showcasing her modeling skills on the site. 

*Alle Fister of Bollare has also been another key person for Elizabeth. Check out the super cute Bollare Tumblr here.

Elizabeth’s top 3 items on the site.

Versace Couture Tank 100% Wool

Vintage Neiman Marcus Backpack

Barbara Bui Cropped Knit Sweater

Five Quick Questions

Where is Closet Rich based? Any plans to expand?

The company is based in LA, with clients in Detroit and NYC. As far as expanding, I’m a firm believer in start small/think big. 

Who are your fashion icons?

Aunt Trudy, my mom’s aunt. She had the most amazing wardrobe and 40% of my vintage came from her closet.

Who’s closet would you like to raid for Closet Rich?

I could never marry myself to one ideal closet raid because I’m a firm believer that any closet has at least one hidden gem, I’m happy to raid any and all.

Where are you favorite places to thrift/shop?

The Rosebowl, Melrose Trading Post (for their great vintage dresses), Opening Ceremony, Roseark (beautiful jewelry), and Shopbop 

Who is the average Closet Rich girl?

A Closet Rich girl is one who’s invested in their wardrobe. She loves fashion, is not selfish, is passionate about philanthropy, smart, knows the value of good investments, and is a smart shopper.

There we have it folks! I’ll be creeping the Closet Rich site this weekend for great buys. Leave a comment if you find anything awesome! 

*Special thanks to Elizabeth for the interview!

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